I grew up in a small Texas town about 150 miles northwest of Fort Worth. I moved to the DFW Metroplex as soon as I could and have been traveling the world to compensate for those first eighteen prosaic, small-town years.

I've visited around 30 countries so far, my favorite regions are eastern and southeastern Asia along with Latin America.

I take photos to not just record what I see, but to capture, and then share, the significance of these places – what it means to me and others, the emotions it elicits – e.g. tranquil Korean Buddhist temple, quaint Colombian colonial old town, chaotic Tokyo streets, mysterious Moroccan souks, enchanting Estonian castles, elegant Argentine boulevards, mesmerizing Taiwanese valley, etc.

I chose Cozy Foreigner, because I often feel most comfortable, natural, "like myself" when I'm farthest from home.

I use Canon and Nikon DSLR's and point-and-shoot cameras.  I enhance my RAW images using several different photo editing applications (depending on desired effect and qualities of the original raw image). The print’s parameters depend on the image’s properties – color, size/proportions, clarity, etc. I like using these relatively new mediums - aluminum and acrylic - for their enhanced, bright, luminous, striking colors and modern look of not needing traditional frames.
Mark Morgan